2027 European Games in Istanbul

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality President Ekrem İmamoğlu shared with the public at the press conference held at the town hall in Saraçhane that the 2027 European Games will be held in Istanbul. Regarding the organization, which will also be a reference for the Olympic Games, İmamoğlu said, “I believe that this great success will take its place in history as a common victory not only of our city, but also of our sports community, our country, our nation and our state. "As IMM teams, we brought the 2027 European Games to our country by leaving behind a very meticulous process," he said. Noting that they have achieved the results of months of work, İmamoğlu said, “Giving results before the March 31 local elections may lead some to find the issue political. "I would like to respond to them by reminding them of this basic truth that everyone knows but sometimes does not pay much attention to: 'Sports are always above politics'... What an important sports organization brings to a city is above any election, game or party," he said.

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