Binbirdirek Cistern

Binbirdirek Cistern, formerly known as Filoksenos Cistern, is known as the second largest cistern in Istanbul. Information about this place is mentioned in Ancient Byzantine sources. According to sources, this cistern was built in the 4th century.

Binbirdirek Cistern, which covers a very large area, dried out over time. Since it dried out, it started to be used as a workshop since the 16th century. Binbirdirek Cistern was built by Roman-origin senator Philoksenos during the reign of Byzantine Emperor Constantine I.

During the Ottoman period, large mansions were built on the cistern. One of these mansions was built by Fazlı Pasha. This mansion burned down due to a fire that broke out later. The top of the cistern remained as an empty land in the following years and neighborhood markets were established here. The tradesmen who set up stalls in the market also used this place as a warehouse.

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