Bulgur Palas

Bulgur Palace was designed by Italian architect Giulio Mongeri by Mehmet Habip Bey, who was a soldier and member of parliament in the Ottoman Empire. However, due to the economic difficulties experienced by Habip Bey, its construction could not be fully completed, and after the sudden death of Habip Bey in 1926, the building was transferred to the Ottoman Bank in return for the family's debts. The building, which was used as lodging and archives by the bank for a while, was later abandoned. The building, which remains under the ownership of the Ottoman Bank, became the property of Garanti Bank after the said bank joined Garanti Bank in 2001.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality purchased Bulgur Palas in 2021 and started working to restore the building and put it into service as a document center, archive, library, exhibition hall and cafe. The building opened to visitors on February 28, 2024.

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