Bursa Uludag Tour

Uludağ is the most magnificent heritage of Bursa, which has a history of thousands of years and where many civilizations settled and migrated from those times to the present day. The Olympus of BC times, the Monk Mountain of Byzantium and the Ottoman Empire, was built in 1925 by Dr. It was named Uludağ upon the suggestion of Osman Şevki Bey. Uludağ, which introduced Turkey to the first mountain hotel, mountaineering club, ski sports, ski lodge, shelters and shelters, summer camps, hotels, cable cars, chair lifts, winter tourism, nature walks and nature sports, offers 4-season usage opportunities where all kinds of nature activities can be done. It is a mountain with natural beauties. Uludağ can be reached by private vehicles, minibuses departing from the Tophane district in the city center, or by cable car from Teferrüç station. The entire 39 km road from Bursa to Bakacak, the last point that can be reached by vehicle in Uludağ National Park, is asphalt and concrete paving. The road starting from Çekirge or Alacahırka neighborhoods takes approximately 1 hour to reach the Hotels area or Sarıalan. In the cable car summer tariff applied between 1 June and 30 September; The first flight is at 08.00 and the last flight is at 22.00. In the cable car winter schedule between 1 October and 30 May, trips between Teferrüç and Sarıalan start at 08.30 and end at 20.00.

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