Cardakli Hamam

Cardakli Bath was built by Kapi Agasi Huseyin Bey in 1503. Architect Omer Bin Veli in 1575 and in 1600; It was restored by Mehmet Bin Uveys. After the bath was transferred to private business in 1918, it was converted into a warehouse in the 1940s and into a workshop in the following years.

The entrance door of the historical place, also known as the Little Hagia Sophia Bath, is built with stones and the entrance is from the side compared to the old door. From this door, you can pass to the domed glass of the bath, from the glass to the warmth, and from the warmth to the heat. The large dome in the middle of Harare, the private rooms on the right and left, the navel stone and three sofas; It is compatible with the classical Ottoman bath tradition. The gazebo that gave its name to the building is located on the upper floor of the private private room on the left.

The iwan above the passage in the middle opens to warmth in the form of a balcony. Because this balcony resembles a gazebo, the structure is called Cardakli Bath.

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