Esma Sultan Mansion

Esma Sultan Mansion, located on the Ortaköy coast, is one of the 10 most beautiful mansions in Istanbul. The garden of the mansion, which was built on an area of 900 square meters, is 4,000 square meters. The building materials used in Esma Sultan Mansion, a unique example of neo-classical architecture, are also different from other mansions. The waterside mansion, named after Abdülaziz's daughter Esma Sultan, is like the pearl of the Bosphorus. The architect of the mansion located right next to Ortaköy Mosque is Sarkis Balyan. It was presented to Esma Sultan as a wedding gift following her marriage to Circassian Mehmet Pasha, one of the statesmen of the period. The mansion, which was the property of the state until 1915, became a Greek school in 1918. Esma Sultan Mansion, which was restored in 1999 using glass and steel materials, has hosted different organizations since 2001.

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