Fatih Mosque

Fatih Mosque is the first mosque built after the conquest of Istanbul. Selatin mosque is the general name given to mosques built by Ottoman families. Fatih Mosque was built by Fatih Sultan Mehmet after the conquest of Istanbul. It contains 16 madrasahs, baths, soup kitchens, libraries, guest houses and hospitals.

Fatih Mosque was severely damaged in a major earthquake that occurred in 1766. This mosque was restored and reopened for use in 1971. During the Gölcük earthquake, a slide occurred in the lower part of this structure. For this reason, worship was suspended. In 2012, it was restored and worship continued. The architect of the mosque was Atik Sinan. There are big differences between the way it was first built and the way it is today. In addition, this mosque is the mosque where the first Turkish adhan was recited.

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