Goreme Open Air Museum

Göreme Open Air Museum is a rock settlement located 2 kilometers east of Göreme town. There was an intense monastic life from the 4th century AD to the 13th century. There are churches, chapels, dining halls and seating areas inside almost every rock block. Today's Göreme Open Air Museum is considered to be the place where the monastery education system was started. Soğanlı, Ihlara, Açıksaray are places where the same education system was seen later. Churches were painted with two types of techniques. The first is painting done directly on the rock surface by smoothing it; The second is the painting done on the rock using the secco (tempera) technique. The topics covered in the church are the Torah, the Bible and the Prophet Muhammad. Taken from the life of Jesus. Göreme Open Air Museum includes the Girls and Boys Monastery, St. Basil Church, Elmalı Church, St. Barbara Church, Yılanlı Church, Pantokrator Church, Malta Crusader Church, St. Catherine Church, Dark Church, Çarıklı Church and Tokalı Church. Göreme Open Air Museum has been on UNESCO's World Heritage List as a natural and cultural asset since December 6, 1985.

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