Hagia Triada Church

The building, which is the largest Greek Orthodox church in Istanbul, attracts attention with its architecture. Hagia Triada Church, one of Taksim's hidden architectural treasures, is known for its eye-catching architecture and peaceful garden. It is located at the intersection of Taksim's famous Istiklal and Sıraselviler streets. Hagia Triada (Holy Trinity) Greek Orthodox Church is one of the symbols of Beyoğlu. Contrary to the tradition of naming churches after saints in Eastern Christianity, this church took its name from the Greek word for the Holy Trinity. The most important feature that distinguishes Hagia Triada from the churches built before it is its elegant dome designed in the Byzantine architectural style. This part, which is worth seeing, was built after the ban on building domes, which was valid for places of worship belonging to minorities during the Ottoman period, was lifted. According to the inscription found in the narthex of the building (the section separated from the courtyard by columns or walls in Byzantine churches), the building, which was started by Potessaro, was finished by Vassilaki Ioannidis and opened for worship on September 14, 1880. However, according to some sources, the construction of the church was completed by the architect Patroklos Kampanaki. The church, whose outlines are composed of Byzantine architecture and modern architecture; It has many striking details belonging to neogothic and neoclassical movements and medieval architecture. After visiting Hagia Triada, you can relax in its garden and enjoy its fascinating view and peaceful atmosphere.

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