Historical Horhor Hamam (Turkish Bath)

Horhor Bath, built in 1562 by Behruz Ağa, one of the chief chamberlains of Suleiman the Magnificent, in the Fatih district of Istanbul, which stands out with its historical and cultural riches, is one of the important baths of the city.
Horhor Bath bears the characteristics of classical Ottoman bath architecture. It reflects the traditional bath layout with its three-storey dressing room, men's and women's sections, warm, hot, furnace and cold sections.
The first two layers of the dressing gown used by men and only one layer of the dressing gown used by women have survived to this day. The women's section was closed in 1990.
The bath has undergone many repairs and renovations since its construction. Particularly during the restoration carried out in 1975, some of its original structure was damaged. However, the glass (dressing room) section and the dome lantern, the masonry structure, have been preserved.
Horhor Bath is still actively used today.
You can visit the historical Horhor Bath with our guided tours.


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