Historical Kadirga Hamam (Turkish Bath)

Historical Kadırga Bath serves local and foreign tourists with its historical texture dating back over 300 years. The bath, which embodies all the historical texture of the Turkish bath, carries the visuality of the Ottoman bath culture to the present day. Located on the historical peninsula of Istanbul, which attracts the most tourists, the historical Kadırga Hammam is open every day of the week and serves men and women in separate sections.
The bath takes its name from the Kadırga district where it is located. Its founder is Yahya Pasha bin Abdulhay, one of the viziers of the period of Bayezid II. He became the governor of Rumelia and Anatolia. He is the father of the famous raider lord Bali Bey. He died in 1504 or 1508. According to the foundation charter dated 1508, there were mosques, madrasahs, schools, tabernacles, soup kitchens and baths in Skopje; Bedestens, caravanserais, baths, fountains in Sofia; Turkish bath in Hırsova; caravanserai and three baths in Niğbolu; He built works such as a bath in Lovecha, a school and a double bath in Istanbul, and left large foundations for these. Today, Kadırga Hammam serves men and women. It is written in Latin letters on the door and inside that it was built by Yahya Pasha, the governor of Egypt, in 1154/1741. The bath was repaired in 1948 and 1952. The building is made of rubble stone and brick. In the men's section, after a square-shaped domed locker area, there is a three-domed warm room. From the warm section, you can enter the hot section with three iwans and two private rooms.
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