Istanbul Marathon

The idea of running from Asia to Europe, which was first brought to the agenda by Tercüman Newspaper in 1973, was realized in 1979 with the initiative of a group of German tourists. Those who saw athletes running on the bridge on April 1, 1979 thought it was a good April Fool's joke. The Istanbul Marathon, which has increased participation from year to year, reached its current scope by being organized under the auspices of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. The name of the marathon, which started as the Asia-Europe Race, was later changed to the Intercontinental Euroasia Marathon. In 2013, the name of the marathon was changed to Istanbul Marathon, as in all marathons in the world, in order to promote the city and highlight its name.

The development of the Istanbul Marathon over the years and its transformation into the giant organization it is today was the result of a difficult process. More than a hundred thousand sports fans uniting two continents with friendship and sportsmanship made the Istanbul Marathon the most interesting marathon in the world. Throughout its history of more than 40 years, it has managed to maintain its place in the spotlight and attract the attention of more athletes around the world by overcoming all the obstacles it has encountered. And finally, the Istanbul Marathon became an indispensable sports festival for Turkish athletics, the international sports world and the people of Istanbul.

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