Istanbul: The City of Cats

There is room for every colour in the cat population in Istanbul. These furry sources of joy, which occupy a huge place in the hearts of Istanbulites, share life with people all over the city. While walking on the streets of Istanbul, you can see cat houses and the residents of the neighborhood who take care of them, as well as food and water containers at every corner. Moreover, municipalities provide free health services to stray cats. You won't find this community of healthy, fat and happy cats anywhere else in the world. It is not for nothing that it is called Catistanbul!

Why do Istanbulites love cats so much? It is not difficult to answer this question. Sincerity and honesty come first in Istanbul. Here you can find someone who will listen and help you with sincerity wherever you go. We can understand the cat love of Istanbulites with a quote from Ernest Hemingway.

“A cat clearly has emotional honesty: Humans can hide their feelings for many reasons, but cats don't.”

Ernest Hemingway