Istanbul VR Tour

Istanbul has been the capital of three great empires, and especially the most outstanding achievements of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires are preserved in the city which has been named as the “capital of the world”.

We introduce you a project that offers innovative tourism services using VR technology.

Using VR technology, supported by live animation, that is, VR glasses that take us to time travel to the past with the technology of the future, in a sense we are traveling through history.

Contrary to the history books and the story told, we are opening the doors of a brand-new era in tourism with the explorers of the new century who will be the virtual witnesses of that period.

Our basic method has been to interpret the art and architectural pieces of the Byzantine and Ottoman civilizations in the geography of Istanbul with an objective point of view and a contemporary scientific understanding.

Duration: Everyday

10.00 to 12.00 or: 13.00 to 15.00

Join us for a great day!

Please fill the request form or send an e-mail ( or use whatsup (+90 530 5802807) for reservations.