Kanuni Sultan Suleyman Tomb

The Tomb of Suleiman the Magnificent, which was built by Mimar Sinan and made of cut stone, shows an octagonal body plan. The triple window groups in the upper part of the body, the arches repeated on all facades with colored keystones, and the heavy roof cornice present the meticulous and colorful details in the stonework of the period. In addition to the rich engravings on the inner surface of the double-walled, lead-covered dome, the classical tiles and colored stonework of the period increase the density of decoration. There is a piece of Hacerü'l-esved in the form of a Mevlevi coin above the entrance of the tomb. The two cabinets made of ebony wood inlaid with ivory and the door inlaid with mother-of-pearl and ivory inside the tomb are the best examples of the woodwork of the period.

There are seven sarcophagi in the tomb. In the middle is the sarcophagus of Suleiman the Magnificent.

The other sarcophagi are from Sultan II. Suleiman, Sultan II. Ahmet, Suleiman the Magnificent's daughter, Mihrimah Sultan, II. Süleyman's mother, Saliha Dilaşub Sultan, II. It belongs to Ahmet's wife Rabia Sultan and her daughter Asiye Sultan.

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