Kariye Mosque

Kariye Mosque is a church building dedicated to Jesus, forming the center of the Chora Monastery, which was a large building complex during the Eastern Roman Empire. Since it is located outside the walls of Istanbul (Constantinos), the name Khora, which means outside the city, rural area in Greek, was deemed appropriate for the building. Kariye is the Turkish version of this name.
Although the exact construction date of the building cannot be estimated, it is known that it was rebuilt in the 6th century by Emperor Justiniaus (527-565) on the site of a ruined chapel outside the city. Since it was close to the Blackhernal Palace during the Kommenos Period, the church was used as a palace chapel in important religious ceremonies.
The building, which was not damaged during the conquest of Istanbul, was built by Sultan II. It was converted into a mosque in 1511 by Grand Vizier Hadım Ali Pasha during the reign of Beyazid and a madrasah was added next to it. Kariye Mosque was converted into a museum in 1945.
The building, which disappeared after the monastery structures other than the church were demolished over time, attracts attention with its architecture, mosaics and frescoes in Eastern Roman art.
The museum was converted into a mosque by the Presidential Decree on August 20, 2020.
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