Lale Pudding Shop

A bus route that started in the 1950s and operated until the end of the 1970s. Istanbul is one of the most iconic stops for beatniks and hippies who want to set out from Europe and the USA and reach Kathmandu. "Lale Patisserie", or "Lale Pudding Shop" as the hippies called it, located in Sultanahmet, was the meeting point. So much so that, after a while, the owners of the business, which opened in 1957, added the phrase "Pudding Shop" to their signs, which we can still see today. At that time, passengers resting for a while in hotels in Sultanahmet were hanging notes and announcements on the board on the wall of the patisserie to communicate with each other, meeting at the patisserie, and leaving their trusts at the patisserie to be delivered to their friends. Pudding Shop still stands in the same place (2024).

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