Maiden's Tower

Another structure that forms the silhouette of Istanbul is the Maiden's Tower. The tower, one of the most romantic addresses in Istanbul, is located off the coast of Salacak in Üsküdar district. There is no clear source on when exactly the Maiden's Tower was built, but some sources say that the construction process started in 341 BC.
The Maiden's Tower, which is the subject of many different legends, was also known as Damalis and Leandros in the past. Damalis is a name that comes from the name of the wife of the King of Athens, Kharis. The tower was given this name because Damalis was buried on these beaches when he died. During the Byzantine Empire, it was also known as Arcla, meaning small castle. After Istanbul was conquered, the tower on the island was demolished and a wooden tower was built in its place. The tower, which could not withstand fire because it was made of wood, was rebuilt in 1725.
Maiden's Tower, which has been used throughout history for purposes such as collecting taxes from ships, defense, quarantine hospital and radio station, is now one of the first places that come to mind for romantic meals and marriage proposals. Today, the tower is visited both as a museum and a restaurant.

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