New Camlica Mosque

Çamlıca Hill Mosque was built on an altitude of 268 meters on the Anatolian Side overlooking the Bosphorus. In addition to being a center of worship, the mosque was designed as a "social complex" that includes social, cultural and educational spaces.

The exterior of the mosque was designed with inspiration from the works of Mimar Sinan, and Sinan's techniques were used in its construction. For example, lowering the main dome with a diameter of 34 meters to the ground with the help of small domes gives the mosque a natural appearance. Just as Sinan's Süleymaniye Mosque overlooks the Bosphorus from Süleymaniye Hill, Çamlıca Mosque also overlooks the Bosphorus from Çamlıca Hill. The diameter of the main dome of the mosque is 34 meters, symbolizing Istanbul, and its height is 72 meters, symbolizing the 72 nations living in Istanbul. While two of the six minarets of the mosque are 90 meters high, the other four minarets were built with a height of 107.1 meters to symbolize the Battle of Manzikert.

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