Pigeon Valley

It is the most known valley of Cappadocia. Pigeon Valley, located to the east of Uçhisar, is one of the largest and longest valleys in Cappadocia. While one end of the valley approaches the Nevşehir - Ürgüp asphalt, the other end extends to Göreme. From where the valley ends, the stream bed continues to Avanos and Kızılırmak. The total length of the valley is approximately 4 _ 5 km. is. It was formerly known as "Vasıl Creek" because of the name of the stream flowing through the middle of Pigeon Valley. This name is still used among the public. It is said that this name was given because of "Saint Basilius". On the eastern slope of the valley there are "pigeon cots" that give the valley its name.

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