Safa Meyhanesi

Founded in 1948, Safa Meyhanesi has been a favorite of Istanbulites for all these years with its appetizers, meat, fish and most of all its ambience. One of the most valuable places to experience the tavern spirit that has been going on for generations is the Historical Safa Tavern in Fatih. You can almost smell the history in the tavern, which continues to live in its place built at the end of the 19th century. As you enter through its ornate door, you start to lose your breath. You go back to the Ottoman Era for a few hours in its high-ceilinged hall. You start your meal slowly with appetizers such as atom, lakerda, pilaki and feta cheese. As the conversation gets deeper, it's time for the hot stuff. With shrimp, calamari and Albanian liver, you start to feel full and your troubles are left behind. The happiness in the eyes of your loved ones looks different when there is a century of history around.
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