Samatya District

Samatya, where Greeks, Armenians, Jews and Turks once lived together and today is the district of famous merchants and craftsmen that you hear about, used to be a sand depot. It used to be a sand depot and the sand taken from the sea was stored here. It is assumed that the name Samatya comes from 'Psemotya', meaning 'sandy'. Although most of the walls on the western side of the district have been destroyed, it is still possible to see some of them. In the square where five streets meet, you can see fishermen, restaurants and taverns left and right. Come here, get lost in the side streets of the district, take your breath to the square and taste Turkish Coffee with liqueur at the pleasant Matya Cafe. When it gets dark, throw yourself to a place, be it Ali Haydar or Develi, wherever you have your eye on. Don't forget that the most beautiful taverns of Istanbul are in Samatya.

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