Sapanca Lake

It is a freshwater lake located in the eastern part of the Marmara Region, in the eastern half of a long depression connecting the Adapazarı Plain with the Izmit Gulf Trough. The coasts of Sapanca lie in Sakarya province in the east and Kocaeli in the west. Its basin is 252 square kilometers. Its surface area is 47 square kilometers. Its east-west length is 17 kilometers. Its north-south width is 5 kilometers. Its height above sea level is 31 meters. Ender's location is 61 meters. The lake takes its name from the district established on the southern shore. In ancient Turkish sources, its name is mentioned as Ayan Lake.

The lake, which is fed especially by water coming down from the south, discharges its excess water into the Sakarya River from its eastern end via Cark Stream. The streams that feed the lake are Karacay, Kurucay, Kurtköy Mahmudiye, İstanbul, Karadere and Kaymakçı streams. Partridge, sandpiper and rabbit hunting is done in the foothills of the mountains in the north and south. All kinds of freshwater fish are caught in the lake.

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