Serefiye Cistern

Şerefiye Cistern took its name from the neighborhood where it was located during the Ottoman period. Arif Pasha Mansion, thought to have been built in the late 1800s and early 1900s, was built on the cistern and was used as the Istanbul City Hall in 1912. this building
It served as the Istanbul Municipality Service Building and then as the Eminönü Municipality Building between 1930 and 1984. In 2010, the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality demolished the additional parts of the Eminönü Municipality building, and the Şerefiye Cistern, which remained under the building without damaging the historical structure and was not known until recently, was unearthed.

The area around the Şerefiye Cistern, which draws attention with its original floors being visible compared to the Byzantine period infrastructures in Istanbul and its original Corinthian capitals having survived to the present day in a very intact condition, was transformed into an archaeological park after the dismantling of the reinforced concrete structures around it and landscaping.

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