St Pierre and St Paul Churches

The church with the icon of the Virgin Hodegetria, which survived despite the fires. The church, which draws attention with its sky blue dome and gold star decorations, serves Italians and Maltese people. The Dominican priests, whose first church in Galata was converted into a mosque and whose newly built churches were destroyed by fire, set out to build a stronger and more durable church after these experiences. For this, they made an agreement with the famous architect Gaspare Fossati, who also carried out the restoration of Hagia Sophia. St. Paul's neoclassical style, completed by the Swiss Fossati in 1843. Pierre and St. Paul Church is 35 meters long and 14 meters high. The building, whose front facade does not face the street due to the current laws of the period, has a very simple entrance. The church, which served Italians and Maltese, was built next to the Genoese walls. There is also a monastery building next to the church, which served as an Italian Primary School until the 1950s.

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