Sultan III. Selim Tomb

III. Selim was the twenty-eighth of the Ottoman sultans and the ninety-third of the Islamic caliphs. He lived between 1761-1808 in Istanbul. III, Selim who was called the innovative sultan had an artistic personality. He was not successful as a result of his lack of political flexibility. He was interested in music and poetry throughout his life. He wrote poems under the pseudonym "İlhami". He had works done in Topkapı Palace with the participation of famous musicians of the period. He would hold conversations with Sheikh Galip and listen to religious services at the Galata Mevlevi Lodge. III. Selim also introduced the Suzidilârâ, Şevkefza, Şevk-u Tarab, Arazbarbûselik and Nevakürdi maqams to Turkish Classical Music. He composed around 64 works as religious music in the form of ayin, dura, nat, hymn, and as non-religious music in the form of Kâr, beste, semai, song, köçekçe, peşrev, saz semaisi.
His tomb is next to Laleli Mosque.

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