The Little Hagia Sophia

Little Hagia Sophia Mosque is located on one of the seven hills of Istanbul. It is located in the Little Hagia Sophia district and is old enough to witness important events in the city's history. It is a church built by Justinian I and his wife Theodor. It was built between 527-536 and was known as Hagia Sergios and Bachos Church in its early periods. In the following years, it was converted into a mosque. It was built just a few years before the Grand Hagia Sophia Museum. Its interior and exterior architecture is extremely impressive and attracts great attention from local and foreign tourists throughout the year. Little Hagia Sophia Mosque was repaired in 1836 and 1956. We recommend you to visit the Little Hagia Sophia Mosque, one of the important historical monuments of Istanbul. Afterwards, you can visit other historical buildings in nearby Sultanahmet Square.

You can visit the Little Hagia Sophia Mosque on our Daily Istanbul tours.


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