Yilanli Mansion

Located between Aşiyan Park and Rumeli Fortress, Yılanlı Mansion is one of the most admired mansions from the Ottoman period. Yılanlı Mansion, the most beautiful example of civil architecture of the Classical Period, was built of wood on a stone wall. So why is it called Yılanlı Mansion? According to the rumor, II. One day, Mahmut goes on a Bosphorus tour. At that time, he liked this mansion very much as soon as he saw it. He learns from Musahip Said Efendi to whom the mansion belongs. But Musahip Said Efendi turns out to be cunning. Because he also has eyes, II. He tells Mahmut that the mansion was built on serpentine rocks. In fact, he says that snakes are constantly wandering around the mansion just for this reason. Hearing this, Sultan II. Mahmut gives up on buying the mansion. For centuries, the name of the mansion has been known as Yılanlı Mansion.

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