Zelve Open Air Museum

Zelve Valley is known as the longest-used settlement in the Cappadocia region. Additionally, this valley is the oldest residential area in the region. It is said that Christianity first started to spread here in the region. There are many monasteries, churches and settlements here. After the Christian era, Zelve Valley was used as a village until the 1950s. In the mentioned years, people lived in rock houses for a while, but then moved to Zelve Village, which is 2 km away from the valley.

Zelve Valley attracts serious attention, especially with its rock houses. As soon as you step here, you will be fascinated by the environment and you will be able to inhale all the sights and smells of history, imagining the people who lived in these rock houses a long time ago.

The tunnels in the Zelve Valley are extremely interesting, but as a result of the collapse that occurred over time, many parts of the valley have been closed to visitors. Still, there are many places to visit in the region. You can be sure that the fascinating atmosphere that draws you in when you first enter the valley will be enough for you.

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